Schaper Super Jocks 1978 Catalog

Schaper Super Jocks 1978 Catalog

Schaper Super Jocks 1978 Catalog


Schaper Toys, mainly known as “The Cootie Company” struck gold in 1975 when they released a toy called “Super Toe Football”.  The simple game of having a plastic football player kick a field goal proved incredibly popular. This concept was expanded to include more and more sports when in 1978 they had five different versions of the concept.

Schaper Super Jocks Catalog

Schaper Super Jocks Catalog

Schaper Super Jocks Football

Schaper Super Jocks Super Toe Football was the original set that just exploded for the company. The winning ad campaign featured Ex-NFL star and actor Alex Karras and this was possibly the biggest hit this toy company ever had.


Schaper Super Jocks Baseball

Schaper Super Jocks Baseball

Schaper Super Jocks Basketball

Schaper Super Jocks Basketball, this set (and football) would be re-released in the 1980s when Milton Bradley bought Schaper. I guess this answers the question as to which sets sold best.


Schaper Super Jocks Hockey


Schaper Super Jocks Soccer

Schaper Super Jocks Soccer


Schaper Super Toe Press Photo

The Schaper Booth at Toy Fair.

Alex Karras for Super Toe Football

Schaper Super Toy Press Photo with Alex Karras.

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