Remco Mini Monster Love

Remco Mini Monster Love

It wouldn’t be Halloween without me extolling the sweet virtue of Remco Mini Monsters, a line I love collecting. Above is a snippet from a 1980 Toys R Us flyer that will appear on the site before Christmas some time.

I’ve been trying to find these guys on Canadian issue cards because that’s how I remember them as a kid. I’ve searched high and low for years and had given up hope but fate works in weird ways (more after the jump)

One random day, my friend Sean came by my office and noticed them, he pointed and said “Hey some guy came into my work with a couple of those and tried to sell them to me.”

Which is weird because (a) he’s not really a toy collector and (b) his shop is a work shop, not a collectible store of any kind so it makes even odder he was my connection to old toys.

A quick email later and I found two Remco Monsters on Canadian cards after nearly a decade of looking.
Here is Frankenstein, my favourite monster which makes this score even better.

 And here is the Phantom in his Canuck glory.

Both of these have been “professionally” graded, which isn’t my cup of tea, I like to touch my toys and eventually I shall remove these guys from their acrylic coffins.

I have no aspirations of ever finishing this set, although I plan on keeping my eye out, this is two more than I ever thought I’d find.
More fun with the Remco Mini Monsters

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  • Anonymous on October 5, 2014

    I had these as a kid including the monster case home…one day it just disappeared. ..thank you for posting this. Obviously I still think of it. I still remember the feel of the jagged raw edges of the creature from the black lagoon. I couldn't have been more then 5 but they held my fascination they were my idols.

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