Bundle – All Four Issues of Toy-Ventures Magazine

Bundle – All Four Issues of Toy-Ventures Magazine


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Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue 2 trading cards

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Toy-Ventures Magazine Bundle includes:

Issue four :

The Munster Mash– We’re visiting 1313 Mocking Bird Lane when Corey leChat gives us a tour of one of the greatest collections of Munster merchandise ever assembled. Many of these items have never been featured in print before.

Apemen down under– William has written a great piece about this Australian line of Planet of the Apes knock off figures called “The Action Apemen”

The Expandable ones- David Lockwood explores the stretchable superheroes and villains made by Funstuff in the early 1980s.

Push Button Action- We talk about the weird world of dime-store action heroes created by Durham from Yung Kung Fu to Glump the Caveman, it’s a comprehensive guide.

Super Amicis– A fun pictorial guide to this cheeky line of figures based on the Mego World’s Greatest Superheroes.

The Toy-Ventures Guide to the Mego Mad Monsters– This issue we take an exhaustive look at this wonderful glow in the dark figure line by Mego with input and anecdotes by Mego’s own Marty Abrams.

If you order through our store, your issue will come with a limited edition Mad Monsters souvenir pennant. Supplies are limited, this will not be available through any other offer.

Thank you for all the support this past year, it’s been wonderful and positive and we’re just getting started with Toy-Ventures magazine.

Toy-Ventures Issue one– A salute to Azrak-Hamway or AHI.

Planet of the Apes toys

World Famous Super Monsters Guide

Parachuting Superheroes

Space:1999 rack toys

Star Trek Rack Toys

The famous KISS Microphone

PlaidStallions Toy-Ventures Issue 2

The Lost Outer Space Men

Godzilla’s Gang

The Guide to Denys Fisher Doctor Who

A figure called Sloane

Oscillating Vibrations which celebrates the TV series “Monster Squad”

Toy-Ventures issue three content includes

Beware His Stingray Eyes-

Tony Roberts host of the Analog toys channel on Youtube tells the story behind the development of Action Man’s greatest Foe Captain Zargon.

Megobase Alpha – We take a detailed look at Mego and Palitoy’s wonderful Space:1999 range with a complete collector guide including the line’s history and development, all known variations, knock offs and it’s resurrection in the 2000s.

The Challenge Machines, Leave it to Popy of Japan to take the Evel Knievel toy concept and some home grown tv heroes to the mix. Corey LeChat gives a beautiful look at these winning toys, you’ll want to play with them!

The Art of Mego Superheroes – Chris Franklin has created a knock-out piece sourcing the iconic origins of Mego’s World’s Greatest Superheroes brand.

Collector Spotlight – Our first interviewee is pop culture author John “Toyzilla” Marshall  as we talk about the hobby and show examples from his incredible, eclectic collection.

Toy-Ventures Guide to Lincoln International Monsters

The centerpiece of issue 3 is an exhaustively researched guide to this incredible and highly collectible line of Monster Toys, including company history and a visual guide to every known figure and packaging variation.

Toy-Ventures Issue 3 will ship in late March 2021 and pre-order links are below. We even have a bundle where you can order all three issues of toy-ventures but act fast as Issue 1 is close to sold out.

Just like an old-school iron-on, we’d get in a cereal box, this easy to apply transfer can be used on t-shirts, shipping bags, and more. It’s yours free for pre-ordering Toy-Ventures!

Thank you everyone for the fantastic growing support of Toy-Ventures, we really appreciate it when you spread the word as a small start-up, our best friend is word of mouth.




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