Pod Stallions: The Addams Family

Pod Stallions: The Addams Family


Who comes to mind when you think creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky? That’s right, the Pod Stallions boys! Oh, and The Addams Family, and since we clearly have so much in common, we thought it best to wrap up our October ’22 celebrations by praising the Addamses in all their incarnations.


Since our 1st Oct. ’22 Ep was The Munsters, and the two have gone hand in hand for decades, we thought it a good pair of bookends. The Coke to Pepsi, Beatles to Stones, and Trek to Wars of monster-themed sitcom comparisons; who comes out the winner is your personal choice. So settle in, snap along and enjoy some quality Family time. All together now…da-da-da-Da (snap-snap), da-da-da-Da..

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