LJN Road Stars

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  • ShadeofJeremy on March 6, 2019

    Oh I have Archie's jalopy. Didn't know it came from this toy line. That's cool. As for which ones I'd like to have gotten I'd go with the two Emergency trucks. One of my all time favorite TV shows.

  • Anonymous on March 6, 2019

    I'd choose- The flintsones [car], captain America, SWAT, scooby doo's van, and space 1999.

  • Nico Toscani on March 6, 2019

    I had a few of these. I liked the Emergency 51 truck the best. I was obsessed with that show as a kid.

  • How come they never made Fred Sanford's truck? THAT's what I want!

  • Swank Cat on March 6, 2019

    They used the Space 1999 Dinky Eagle as placeholder photo.

  • Hauntedheadful on March 6, 2019

    I'm going with that freaky-deaky Flash Gordon car.Can't say no to a whale on wheels!

  • Milé Murtanovski on March 6, 2019

    I had the two Emergency! vehicles. Man, I loved that little Squad 51 truck; it was like a character itself. And I may have had that SWAT truck.

  • David Morefield on March 6, 2019

    The Eagle is a no-brainer. No idea what makes that mustachioed fish a "Flash Gordon" vehicle. The Hogan's Heroes car doesn't really work without swastikas, but I guess that would've been a hard sell even in the 70s. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention, but I think this is the only piece of Hogan merchandise I've ever seen?

  • NPM on March 7, 2019

    Had most of these. The Flash Gordon "car" was the worst. It had metal wheels on a cheap axle that basically was only good for a couple "runs" before it became irreversibly damaged.

    These were some of my favorite toys when I was a kid! Thanks for posting this ad!

  • YesterdayIsNow on March 7, 2019

    Cool collection. Where did the design for the Captain America vehicle come from?

    The fire and police trucks appear to have about one inch of ground clearance. I guess you are out of luck if there any speed bumps near your home.

  • Dantheman on March 8, 2019

    Does anybody else find it weird that LJN made, in essence, a German WWII staff car for Hogan's Heroes in this line?

  • Dep1701 on August 24, 2019

    Not only did LJN use a picture of a Dinky Eagle Transporter to represent their toy ( which was very obviously based on the Dinky ), they went to the trouble to tint the toy in the picture blue to try to make it resemble their product better. Instead it actually more closely resembles the much nicer Japanese Eagle Transporter rack toy released by "Yot Toys" around the same time!

    I will say that the picture is prescient in that Dinky changed the chassis color of the Eagle Freighter in 1977 to a similar blue as in the pic, so that, by switching the center modules of the Freighter and the Transporter, you could have a toy that looked very much like LJN's picture, lol.

  • yuuki yokoyama on January 1, 2023

    i want you the see full version of catalog

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