Knock-Offs Artist Spotlight #3: Chance Priest

Knock-Offs Artist Spotlight #3: Chance Priest

Knock-Offs Artist Spotlight #3:

Chance Priest AKA @chances_toy_collection

Knock-Offs Artist Spotlight #3 Chance Priest

I’m super grateful I met Chance Priest while writing the book, as he is the true “renaissance man” of Knock-offs and bootleg toys. He is truly living the dream of creating not only figures but also a whole comic universe for his characters, then going back and knocking his creations off, pure genius.

Knock-Offs Artist Spotlight #3 Chance Priest

Before I met Chance, I thought I had a sizable bootleg toy collection. However, the dude has a warehouse full of stuff! Luckily enough, he was more than happy to share it with the world, so his contributions made the book much better outside of his profile.

Knock-Offs Artist Spotlight #3 Chance Priest

Knock-Offs Artist Spotlight #3

Check out Chance’s Instagram here

Look for more Knock-Offs Artists Spotlight in the near future as featured in my new book “Knock-Offs: Totally Unauthorized Action Figures” now shipping.

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