I miss ShopRite

I miss ShopRite

For those not in the know, ShopRite was a Canadian chain of catalog stores. Very little was on display, you had to fill out a little slip and the item came out of the back.

We had a shoprite downtime where i lived and at that time, it was a pretty big deal because it was a pain in the ass to get across town to Woolco.

My fondest memory entailed my 8th birthday and the Kenner Star Wars Tiefighter my mom promised to get me. On my way in the store, I noticed a skid of Mego Comic Action Heroes exploding Bridge Playsets and tried to weasel both. I failed, but that kind of haunted me, so now I’ve got that playset MIB.

It’s near impossible to find old shoprite catalogs, I paid crazy money for a 1981/82 one recently and will share it. If anyone has one from the 70’s they’d like to scan, I’ll be your friend! I promise this blog will be more about the catalogs next time and less whining from me.

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