I am Kirrrrrrock!

I am Kirrrrrrock!

hey how come lee majors is getting all the action?

I’m always a sucker for licensed Pajamas but these truly are my favourite of the bunch, the Six Million Dollar Man PJs are pretty routine style guide work but the Captain Kirk set is really odd.

Mammy....i mean Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Instead of an action pose we have Shatner looking as if he’s giving one of those choppy speechs at the end of an episode “You…..have to……get along”. That, or he’s singing “Lucy in the sky with Diamonds”. Plaidstallions.com

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  • David Morefield on February 12, 2007

    I’m guessing this pose of Captain Kirk is actually based on a still of Jeff Hunter as Captain Pike in “The Cage” (aka “Menagerie”). It sure looks like the scene where Pike is sent to “Hell” by the Talosians to coerce him into driking a flask of liquid nourishment (see that weird object in his left hand?).

    Either that or it’s a pipe Shatner picked up at a head shop, which would help explain his albums.

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