The His N Her of the Future…..

The His N Her of the Future…..

welcome to sanctuary

What’s up with these? It’s the “His N Her” of the Post Apocalyptic wasteland. I’m immediately reminded of Micheal York’s after hours costume in Logan’s Run which bothers me, because I usually only like to think of Jenny Agutters……

how come we both have british accents?

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  • Stan Mxyzptlk on August 16, 2006

    Very Planet of the Apes in my opinion. It does look quite comfortable, I’d love to get my damned dirty paws on one.

  • Smurfwreck on September 22, 2006

    Okay, now that screams cult.

  • Anonymous on October 4, 2007

    I think the guy that chased Perter Fonda and Warren Oates in “Race with the Devil” was wearing one of those!

  • Anonymous on October 29, 2008

    I’m assuming these are supposed to be pajama-type wear due to the fukking red package?
    I just searched over half of your blog posts looking for this post, I (seriously) want a man space robe, I would wear it every day even if it was technically a pajama-thing.
    SpaceWear will take over the world soon, it’s long overdue and everyone knows it.

  • Anonymous on October 31, 2008

    Soooo… Everyone worships Satan in the future?

  • Richard on June 28, 2009

    This was probably a cancelled order for some organized cult
    that the manufacturer got stuck with.

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