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AKA Brian Heiler author of "Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings" and co-editor of "Toy-Ventures Magazine". Co-Host of the "Pod Stallions" podcast. Host of the Brick Mantooth Youtube channel, painter, designer, writer, mental health advocate, toy collector, Mego, and Mego Knock-Off enthusiast. I have large feet, ADHD and I live in Canada. Talk toys, not others.


  • John Hildman on June 30, 2017

    I acquired the Cylon raider as a kid from a trade with a friend. I gave him a ME-109 airplane model that my dad built and he gave me that. However the missiles were gone and the canopy was broken off. I remember the springs were there where the missiles would fit in, so it must have been the older "firing" model.

  • benestro138 on June 30, 2017

    I still harbor bitterness at my being denied the missile firing viper as a youngster…

    Why, Mom, WHY!

  • Gamera977 on June 30, 2017

    I remember thinking back then we can't have cool toys because of stupid kids…

  • Anonymous on July 1, 2017

    Seconding (thirding, I suppose) benestro138 and Gamera977. One, maybe two, little urchins won themselves an early Darwin Award and entire generations of children afterwards had to endure dumbed-down toys as the result.

    Same thing happened more recently with toy pistols. Plaid Stallions' entry on "Kenner Jedi" gave me a nostalgic reminder of this.


    After years daycare colours and fluorescent orange end-caps, I'd all but forgotten there was a time when Star Wars blasters were sold in screen-accurate gun-metal black.

  • JFStan on July 1, 2017

    I loved the way the Cylon Raider gun ports retracted, even though they didn't on the actual ship featured in the show.

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