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Da-Dun Da-Dun Da-Dun

ideal jaws game
I got the Ideal Jaws game one year for Christmas, the movie itself made me to timid swim in the ocean, lakes and even pools. I never said I was a bright kid.It was a pretty inventive game but I really only remember playing it once or twice before Jaws became a supervillain for my Mego Superheroes to fight. Great game but an even better action figure.

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  • Anonymous on November 29, 2007

    i was a little afraid just taking a bath….beat that!!!!


  • dancin' homer on November 29, 2007

    Same here – liked the game, but LOVED having him chomp on my Megos! I forgot all about this game until you posted it here, thanks!

  • JFStan on November 29, 2007

    I had this one.. It was like pick-up sticks with a more dramatic ending. 🙂

    I always wondered why a half-eaten Quint wasn’t one of the pieces.

  • Arkonbey on November 30, 2007

    I’ll bet that nearly 100% of the sharks turned from game to supervillian in the end.

    half-eaten Quint? Ewwww!

  • chunky B on November 30, 2007

    I’m betting you’re right arkonbey…

    My shark terrorized everything from Star Trek Mego, GI Joe, to vintage Star Wars!

  • rob! on November 30, 2007

    i had this game as a kid, and played it with my older sister.

    years later, i found it again, and have played it with her son!

  • Arkonbey on December 1, 2007

    rob!: that is so super cool. Did he like it? That’s be even cooler.

  • Anonymous on August 8, 2008

    I still remember the tv commercial for this game.

    “But if you remove the wrong piece, the Jaws will get you! You’re out! Jaws”

  • Anonymous on April 16, 2009

    I had this game, and I loved it until my Grandma accidentally threw away his bottom “Jaw”.
    A few years later I lit ground bloom flowers (those fireworks that spun on the ground and lit up into different colors) in his mouth until his face melted off.

  • Gator on August 5, 2014

    I was scared to go poop after this movie, I was 7 and my Dad took us too see Jaws at the drive in !!!

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