Cool Pajamas for a Change

Cool Pajamas for a Change

OK, maybe cool is a strong word, I mean parading around in these star trek pajamas might actually get you beaten up in some circles (the smug kid in this pic looks like he’s about to receive one if he doesn’t stop talking into that tricorder) but if i had seen these at 6 years of age, the first thing out of my mouth would have been “cool”

Isn’t odd that the outfits from the first movie looked like pajamas? no? oh, never mind then.

Bonus Toy Feature, the guys at the Megomuseum forums are discussing this weird 70’s toy I know little about, the Hal Needham famous stuntman stunt set.

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  • Smurfwreck on September 22, 2006

    What’s up with the little blue matching booties? I bet it would have been pretty cool if in the 90’s they had those footie one piece pajamas in the style of the Next Generation suits (sans little butt flap of course.)

  • Anonymous on December 1, 2006

    Implicit racism: White kids are brainy while black kids should stick to sports.

  • Anonymous on December 2, 2006

    and no kid would be caught dead in lion pajamas.

  • Anonymous on September 28, 2007

    i want these pajamas! i know how sad that must sound, doesn’t someone, somewhere still make star trek pajamas?!!

  • Jeffery Wright on January 7, 2008

    i would have killed for those trek pj’s… but still, would it have been so hard for them to get the collar at least closer to the uniform?

    yes, i’m still geeky beyond words…

  • m! on May 9, 2008

    Damn being born in the 80’s! Apparently, I missed out on more than just disco…

  • Anonymous on August 30, 2009

    I remember in the mid-70s seeing these in a department store with my mother. I BEGGED to get them. Being about 6, I just had to have them. Unfortunately, the answer was "NO" and I've been emotionally scarred ever since…

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