Comic 3 pack love

Comic 3 pack love

Back when I collected comics “seriously” (AKA when I was 11) the most dreaded thing to own was a “reprint”. That Whitman symbol or a diamond price tag meant the comic was worthless and Willy, the local expert (and the only kid with an Overstreet Guide) was quick to point that out and shame you.

It’s ironic now, some 30 years later that pretty much the only comics I collect are beat to crap Gold Key Star Treks and any Whitman 3 pack I can find. These 3 packs especially dominated every toy store and gift shop I visited as a kid and I bought a great deal of them.

Above is my latest score, the Black Hole three pack which includes the spell binding first chapter of “Beyond the Black Hold” Gold Key’s attempt to keep the story line going.

Back in the day, my dad was actually friends with the guy who distributed these 3 packs in my area. One Saturday he went to visit him and I tagged along. In the giant warehouse full of these comics, I heard the man say “Take as many as you want” to me and he strolled back into his office. Just before my dad followed him, he turned to me and held up two fingers.

I spent the entire time trying to find two sets that had nothing but cool comics I didn’t already own, it was heaven. 

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  • Sam G on February 7, 2013

    I remember these 3 packs. What I wouldn't give for a 3 pack of the Gold Key UFO comics. I had the "Black Hole" set as well.

  • Dr. Geektarded on February 7, 2013

    Great post!. I've been a comic junkie since age 8 and the 3-packs were a constant "buy" growing up. Seeing the Micronauts and The Black Hole sets gives me a big smile.

    I went on a kick a year or two back and picked up that Black Hole 3-pack as well as some early GI Joe and Transformers Marvel 3-packs.

    In the days before regular trips to comic shops, those 3-packs were how I used to fill in missing back issues in comics I collected.

  • Old School on February 7, 2013

    I had forgotten about the old 3 packs until I read your post. The memories came flooding back. Good stuff! Thanks for the reminder.

  • Tex on February 7, 2013

    There's a 4th issue of the Black Hole comic out there…

    (in need of them all, thanks to Katrina)

  • Mick on February 8, 2013

    Big ups to your pops for not only allowing you tag along, but also putting a limit on you to avoid over doing it. Something today's kids and parents should do.


  • Anonymous on February 9, 2013

    Holy Cow! I used to love these 3-packs! I remember countless hours being entertained at Terminal One, waiting, for my dad to come home on long delayed flights on BWIA (But Will it Arrive) Airlines at the end of every summer. Most of the comics I got were usually whitman or gold key, but there was a variety of stories you couldn't find in Marvel or DCs that I appreciated, not to say I didn't enjoy those comics, too. Then, there were also the trips to BiWay in Guelph, where I could always buy some, usually discounted, two bags for a little more than the price of one.

    I wish they did things like this these days. It's be an easy and inexpensive way to introduce the kids to comics.

  • Ultrafem on February 13, 2013

    Oh sure, I remember! And I remember the stores that wouldn't sell you single comics when the packs were open.

  • david_b on February 25, 2013

    Hey, when I first started collecting, 3-packs were SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME. Great comics that just left the stands mere months ago, it was SO GREAT for getting back issues in small town department stores.

    "..It's how I nabbed my Amazing Spiderman 122 back in 1973…."

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