Colouring Book Theatre: The Amazing Spider-Man

Colouring Book Theatre: The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man: “Spider-Man Unmasked” by Marvel Books

Recently a reader commented that I have never met a colouring book I didn’t hate.

He was kidding but it did strike me that even though everything I do is done out of love, it does seem like i love to crap on them.

I’ll counter that I’m drawn to the train wrecks for their comic potential but in the interest of fairness, I present a book that I have nothing but nice things to say about.

Published in 1983 by Marvel itself, this book retells the story of “Amazing Spider-Man #39” in coloring book format and well, they do a good job.

Grab your crayons and still suit and join me after the jump

Batman coloring book

The Nice artwork is by Winsolw Mortimer and Mike Esposito, which is miles above the standard of the day. 

Dune coloring book

A dynamic series of panels depicting Spider-Man’s fighting ability, bravo Marvel.

Dune coloring book

If you think it’s clunky for JJJ to say Peter’s full name, it’s so the Goblin can easily gain Spider-Man’s identity. The story has been simplified by David Anthony Kraft and well, it makes sense.

Dune coloring book

As an aside, no artist has ever drawn Aunt May where she doesn’t sort of frighten me.

Dune coloring book

The only way this book loses a point is they don’t recreate the cover of ASM #39, such an easy and obvious thing to do.
Batman coloring book

Reading this sort of made me miss reading comix.

Batman coloring book

Well almost, Spidey sure knows how to party.

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  • Tiki Fire on September 21, 2014


  • Joe Green on September 21, 2014

    I had this very coloring book as a kid- thanks for posting it!

  • Seventiesfan on September 21, 2014

    You're right; I was, of course, joking. It's nice to know you like the Spider-man colouring book. I'll be looking for it on Ebay. I've revisited my youth with the Super Friends "seaweed salad" and Wonder Woman "mole men" colouring books. I was lucky to get them for so little. I have my sister's old Rainbow Brite colouring book, but I don't think you'll ever do a Colouring Book Theatre on it.

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