Christmas Wishlist 1979

Christmas Wishlist 1979

This is one of my more cherised items, a Christmas wish list I created in 1979 clipping items out of the Sears catalog. As you can see the Mego collecting bug was strong even then and I still can’t spell millenium. As I recall it was a pretty great haul and yes, I got a new Cat Calendar, I obviously liked kitty cats when was nine. This is from the back, I needed to show my grandmother what green Goblin looked like, believe it or not, she found it!

Have a Happy Holidays everyone, talk to you on boxing day.

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  • Vi on December 24, 2007

    This is adorable!

    Merry Christmas

  • Swinebread on December 25, 2007


  • tjo' on December 25, 2007

    I love finding old kid stuff like this. Pretty good list!

    yesterday i found an old D&D character sheet that i played with as a kid. I cannot believe how badly i used to cheat at that game. I am gonna scan it and blog it later this week.

    Merry Christmas.

  • TheincredibleshrinkingDamian on December 26, 2007

    Merry Christmas! Awesome list.

    Although perhaps your Grandmother went elsewhere for a picture or some evidence of this Green Goblin…

  • Anonymous on December 26, 2007

    and the falcon, a personnal favorite mego! man i used to do this too, awesome fun to see your eclectic list 30 years on……….

    dusty abell

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