Ben Cooper Ads Star Wars, Shogun Warriors and Man From Atlantis?

Ben Cooper Ads Star Wars, Shogun Warriors and Man From Atlantis?

Ben Cooper Mazinger and Darth Vader

Ben Cooper Mazinger and Darth Vader

I recently discovered this ad for Ben Cooper Halloween Costumes for 1978. I vividly remember getting that Darth Vader suit that year but being super jealous when my friend Jerry showed up at my door as Mazinga. What I find most interesting is the mention of  Ben Cooper”Man From Atlantis” Halloween costume.

I’m a bit of a Man from Atlantis fanboy, even though I admit the series isn’t very good. I wonder what the costume would have looked like. I mean, Mark just mainly wore yellow “short shorts.” Hopefully, someday the Ben Cooper art surfaces. Surfaces? Get it! I’m here all week.


1980 Ben Cooper Catalog

Here is a link to the 1980 Ben Cooper Catalog on the site, I need to redo this gallery someday.

1976 Ben Cooper Halloween Costume Catalog

We also have the 1976 Ben Cooper Catalog in case you’re curious about the “Pre-Star Wars” post “Planet of the Apes” world.

Ben Cooper 1973 Halloween Content

And here is the 1973 Ben Cooper Halloween Costume

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Ben Cooper Halloween Costume

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  • top cat james on May 3, 2023

    The Drac costume should also come with the tights and high heels he wore.

    Chicka-Boom, Chicka-boom, don’tcha just love it?

  • John Hildman on May 4, 2023

    I had that same Darth Vader costume in 1978 Brian. I was 5 years old and had a blast. I was probably pumping my fists in the air just like that kid in the picture!

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