AMT Model Catalog from 1975

AMT Model Catalog from 1975

AMT was a pretty big deal in the mid seventies, they had some terrific car model kits but for those whose tastes ran geekier they had an amzing line of kits based on Star Trek. I can’t tell you how many of these great kits I ruined with my crummy gluemanship and sloppy testors paint jobs. Check out what was new for AMT in 1975 here.

Thanks to Mike Rogers, I can see what the kits were supposed to turn out like…..

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  • chunky B on July 20, 2007

    I had all these kits growing up, my favorite being the Mr. Spock kit… try to find one of those in good condition now, and not have to sell your first born…It always amazed me how these kits held up through the years, AMT then AMT/ERTL then just ERTL. I probably went through about 12 kits on the Enterprise alone, I still have one that I built while I was at college! Yes, I’m a Trekkie!

    Anyway great scans! Where did you get the artwork for the Mr. Spock Box? That would make such a cool wallpaper! I’m working on an illustration inspired by that same model, so weird how these posts come when you are thinking about this stuff.

  • Swinebread on July 22, 2007

    I remember seeing that bridge set assembled at somebody’s house long, long ago…

  • rob! on July 23, 2007

    from that angle, Spock’s gonna miss and probably shoot Sulu’s foot off.

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