70s Karloff Frankenstein Poster Promotion

70s Karloff Frankenstein Poster Promotion

What I love about Matt’s contributions every Halloween is stuff like this. I’ve never heard of this Frankenstein Poster promotion from the early 1970s and well, it’s awesome. Take it away Matt!

Frankenstein Poster

“Large 1970s cardboard Newspaper Advertising Sign for Boris Karloff poster”

“This cardboard advertising sign was created to be displayed on the side of newsstands which carried the Chicago American newspaper.

The Chicago American was an afternoon tabloid-size newspaper which was published in Chicago from 1900 until 1974.

The Chicago Tribune group acquired it in the 1950s and continued publication under its own banner until it ceased publication.

This large cardboard sign is 26″ x 42″, making it slightly taller than the standard one-sheet movie poster.

The Chicago American would, as an enticement to readers, offer a quad-folded poster in the center of the newspaper, And would depict famous stars of the day. They would make posters of Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles, Frank Sinatra and the rat pack, famous baseball players, etc. As far as I know, this is the only time they made a poster of a monster, or produced an advertising display to generate public interest.

As my friend Raymond Castile so it’s rightly pointed out when I showed him this advertising cardboard sign:

“Just imagine a newspaper editor, 40 years after a movie came out, using a monster character to increase sales. It seemed almost unthinkable today'”

Frankenstein Poster

Indeed it does.
I believe this poster is circa 1971
Or 1972
Halloween fell on Tuesday in 1972, so that might make this more likely

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