70s Bugs Bunny Merchandise

70s Bugs Bunny Merchandise

bugs bunny merchandise

bugs bunny merchandise

I don’t collect Bugs Bunny merchandise as an adult, I honestly feel watching Looney Tunes as a kid was time well spent. The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner show was an oasis every Sunday away from “Hee Haw” and freaking “Lawrence Welk” (which I now adore). With national recognition, it’s no surprise that Bugs enjoyed “Krusty the Clown” merchandising levels. 

It could be argued that Bugs is a good role model as he eats his vegetables, but I digress. When pouring through a 70s Sears catalogue, I saw this page and immediately recognized that Toothpaste dispenser. I’m pretty positive that we had that in our bathroom as a kid, and it made a huge mess, so it eventually got removed. I haven’t thought of it in years.


Bugs Bunny merchandise from the 1970s.

Bugs Bunny merchandise from the 1970s.



Bugs Bunny Playset

This Bugs Bunny Playset was only available at Spiegel. I wish I had this as a kid. I mean, look at it! It’s amazing.


Bugs Bunny Putty

We’re all Putty inside Bugs…


Janex Bugs Bunny Alarm Clock

Janex made a lot of cool Bugs Bunny merch, even teaming him up with Elmer Fudd for a clock!



Bugs Bunny in Outerspace

I am jealous of anyone who saw Bugs Bunny in Space


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Toy-Ventures Collectible Pins including the Lincoln Monsters

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