5 Spooky Things on eBay this week

5 Spooky Things on eBay this week

5 Spooky Things on eBay this week- It’s October (when did that happen?) and all the spooky toys come out in droves on eBay, let’s see what things are going bump in the night shall we?

Lite-Up Monster Heads: 5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Lite-Up Monster Heads (eBay Link)

Glow sticks were such a cool thing that somehow never found their footing into toys. Lords of Light tried but unfortunately failed. Had I seen this as a kid, it would have been a total must-have.

5 Spooky Things on eBay this week

Set of Blood Island Tiki Mugs (eBay link) –

If any of you are keeping score, you’ll know that I adore the Blood Island movies, and there is precious little merchandise. I missed out on these Tiki mugs made a couple of years back, and now they’re kinda pricey.  I regret not buying one now, but I broke up with liquor in my late twenties, and I don’t really have a bar in my house, so it’s a whole thing.

Monster Ring Party Favours - 5 Spooky Things on eBay this week

Monster Party Favours (eBay Link)

Ah, the cheap goodness you’d occasionally get for attending a birthday party as a kid. It didn’t always happen, but when it did, you remembered. I love everything about this, including the various shots of young men on picture day. That kid in the tie is trouble; just look at his smugness; he’s just like his father, that one.

Monster Target Set

Monster Target Rack Toy (eBay Link)

This is not the first monster target rack toy I’ve seen, and I think it’s the third I’ve featured here. I don’t know how “Frankenstein” equates to “Shoot in the face” but in this case, I’m happy it does. Love the art on this very much.


5 Spooky things on eBay this week

“Keep on Tricking” pin (eBay Link)

One thing you can be sure about here is that Robert Crumb didn’t see a dime from this.



The following things are neat, end before the next installment of this series, and well, I wanted to share.



Space:1999 Letraset (eBay Link)
For the uninitiated, Letraset is a UK version of Presto Magix but much more deluxe and they’re GORGEOUS. I really want to collect these, they have Doctor Who and Superheroes as well but I am not “Scrooge McDuck” wealthy.


Roger Moore Knock Off Rack Toy

Special Agent: Secret Weapon Rack Toy (eBay Link)

I am so smitten with dime-store Roger Moore on this header card, it’s like he’s quipping “Don’t have time for you old chum”.

5 Spooky Things on eBay this week

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  • NealP on October 7, 2022

    With that Secret Agent: Secret Weapon toy, dime-store Roger Moore must be an android because Magnus: Robot Fighter is coming after him!

    • Mantooth on October 25, 2022

      Ok, so you see that too? Thank you.

  • John Hildman on October 11, 2022

    I had the Frankenstein’s monster glow head. Forgot all about that!

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