5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Popy World Heroes Ultraman carry case– I adore this piece, it’s the Darth Vader carry case but with Ultraman. I already have one of these but they’re so cool, they need pointing out.


Peter Pan Empire Strikes Back Record-  Dig that off-brand cover! I want to see that movie. Also, I bet the “Now Sound Orchestra” is awesome.

Shogun Warrior KO pencil  Toppers from the 70s- Hey, I see Riderman from Kamen Rider in there! I love stuff like this.


Ulysses 31 Action Figure- I remember this show and I’m amazed to see it got figures overseas, very Star Warsy figures too. 



LoneStar Flash Gordon Pistol– The 1980 Flash Gordon movie didn’t get a lot of merchandise and it pains me, so it’s my duty to point out any and all that I see. This gun wasn’t in the film but that box, look at that box!





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Pod Stallions is one of the most fun groups on Facebook.

Mego Knock Off Headquarters– The leading group discussing 70s dimestore goodness, we talk vintage toys, not others!

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