5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Message from Space- 5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Entex Message from Space Model Kit (eBay Link)– I am obsessed with Message from Space, Japan’s take on Star Wars. It’s just so weird and great. I would have flipped for merchandise as a kid.


Sesame Street Cake Toppers- 5 Awesome eBay

Sesame Street Cake Toppers (eBay Link)– Bert and Ernie are always welcome on my cake, even now.


Bonanza Slide Puzzle- 5 Awesome eBay Link

Bonanza Slider Puzzle (eBay Link)– I never watched much Bonanza as a kid save for the few minutes before my daily dose of “Get Smart,” but i do find it comical how short Little Joe is.


Space Western Hero- 5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Space Western Hero Knock Off Figures (eBay Link)– When I writing Knock-Offs, I amazed at the sub genre of Space Cowboys there are. These are meant to capitalize on shows like Bravestarr and Galaxy Rangers (which I’ve never seen). It amuses me that those shows weren’t all that popular, so why are there so many rip-offs? 


Fisher Price Little People Bell (eBay Link)– How am I just discovering this? I need this on my bike now.


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  • DON CHISHOLM on July 22, 2022

    When I was a kid, back in the VERY early 80’s, Janise’s Hobby Shop had a TON of those “Message From Space” kits. All three of them. I went through a few…. playing with them until they fell apart and getting replacements. They were pretty cheap, which makes it seem kinda funny that they’re rare collector’s items nowadays.

    I found out years later that Windsor Ont was a dumping ground for warehouse overstock, and that’s why we used to get so much strange stuff…. like TONS of super-cheap Japanese model kits. I still have literally HUNDREDS of them. As kids and teens we used them almost as currency. (After Robotech they became “collector’s items.” *sigh*)

    >These are meant to capitalize on shows like Bravestarr and Galaxy Rangers (which I’ve never seen).

    Really?!?!? Galaxy Rangers is pretty good. Bravestarr had a lot of interesting stuff and some fantastic designs, but was hampered by the Filmation treatment. (Although I think it was the only show that had someone actually die in their obligatory 80′ anti-drug episode.)

    >It amuses me that those shows weren’t all that popular, so why are there so many rip-offs?

    The Galaxy Rangers was VERY popular, but with the wrong demographic. It skewed old; 14 to 18 or so, which made it real tough to get any sort of sponsors…. which in the 80’s was death for a cartoon. On the DVDs they mention that Jerry Orbach’s wife used to get annoyed that the majority of fans seeking autographs did so ‘cos of the Rangers.

    Don C.

  • top cat james on July 22, 2022

    Don, there was one other Filmation show that featured a character ‘s death–It was in one of the made-for-syndication episodes of “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” (“Gang Wars”).

    • DON CHISHOLM on July 24, 2022

      Oh yeah! I forgot that! Although Fat Albert was written as a sort of Aesop’s for kids, so that’s not as out of place as an 80’s half hour toy ad doing the same. Although a few of THOSE featured death…. in various forms. Like the alt-world GI Joe episode or every second plot on Inhumanoids…. but they were done with a sort of action-y out whereas the Filmation stuff seemed more sincere and serious.

      ….and looking it up, Fat Albert had a LOT of heavy episodes, especially for an old-school Filmation series.

      Don C.

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