5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Kenner’s Hugo Man of a 1,000 faces- What a wonderful creation Hugo is, I honestly think he’s a top ten toy concept of the 1970s just below Evel Knievel and the Mego star Trek transporter. I never owned one but I can remember hoping one of my friends did, unfortunately, the only kid I ever met that had one was out of glue.

Monster Cereals Crayon Pouch- Like any red-blooded Gen-X kid, the Monster cereals are a very happy memory (especially BooBerry!) and I fondly admire any merchandise, even this Crayon pouch!



Battle of the Planets Bendy Figures from Europe- Even these would have blown my mind as a kid, I am not over this childhood disappointment.


Topps Kung Fu Gum Card box– As a lover of Kung Fu, I really covet this. However, I don’t know anything about gum cards and well, if this price is right, then it’ll probably never happen for me. Still, I LOVE the art on this.



Hanna Barbera related pennants- I really dig costumed characters running around, probably why i think these pennants featuring some great characters like Hong Kong Fooey are so appealing.


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PlaidStallions Toy-Ventures Magazine #1 is now available and it’s been called “not only an entertaining read, but it’s also an impeccable work of reference” by PopCult.


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  • DBenson on December 4, 2020

    Hugo had a brief moment of stardom in Pee Wee Herman’s stage show, which preceded the movie and TV series (it was taped as a cable special). Playing to an adult audience, Pee Wee presented Hugo as his hypnotizing puppet, then summoned a lady from the audience. Via Hugo, he put her in a trance (she was clearly a plant) and giddily told her to take off her dress. She did so, and cheerfully returned to her seat carrying it. Now if THAT were in the commercials …

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