5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Japanese Lost in Space- 5 Awesome eBay

Japanese Lost in Space Book and Record ( 5 Awesome eBay link)

My love for Japanese books and record sets knows no bounds, despite the fact that I can only count to ten in the language (thanks Karate class!) . This Lost in Space record is amazing, I invite you to look at the interior, you’ll be glad you did.


Darth Vader Belt Buckle – 5 Awesome eBay


Vintage Darth Vader Belt Buckle (5 Awesome eBay link)

You kids with your “Kenobi this and Kenobi that” but to me, Darth Vader was never cooler or scarier than in 1977. This belt buckle totally looks like he did in the Star Wars Holiday Special cartoon, why don’t we have action figures based on that? What’s wrong with you Hasbro?


5 Awesome eBay- Alf Costume

Child’s Alf Costume ( eBay link)

FINALLY, I can act out those awkward scenes in Alf where is switched from puppet to little person in obvious costume. 


5 Awesome eBay

Korean A-Team Van ( eBay link)

How many times in this life have you heard the phrase “Korean A-Team Merchandise”? I rest my case…


5 Awesome eBay- Captain Scarlet bowls

Captain Scarlet bowls ( eBay link)

This auction provides you with ten, count ’em ten, Captain Scarlet cereal bowls. Think about it, almost every meal, if you’re prone to baked beans and chef boy-r-dee as I am, could be eaten out of something with Captain Scarlet’s smiling face. This is so much better than out of the pot over the sink like some sort of human raccoon. I’ve shared way too much…

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5 Awesome Things on eBay

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