5 Awesome Bootlegs on eBay this week

5 Awesome Bootlegs on eBay this week

Space Robot- 5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Space Robot Patch (eBay Link)

When my friend Courtney sent me this, I decided to theme the whole post about bootlegs. I mean, this is crassness just mingled with laziness. The time that this company spent thinking up a name! It must have been an all-night brainstorming session. I hope they at least ordered Chinese food.


5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Amazing Mego Superman bootleg (eBay link)

I used to own a couple of these. The company actually copied Mego heads and put them on these weird ass robot bodies. They are so weird and yet, so compelling.

Bootleg Starsky and Hutch set

Bootleg Starsky and Hutch Rack Toy (eBay Link)

I understand why any toy company would want to use the likeness of S & H in the 1970s. However, I have to take off points for calling them “private investigators.” They were cops and I swear the creators of the “angry chief” trope. 


Astro Apes inflatables

Astro-Apes inflatables (eBay link)

Astro apes are an obsession of mine, whoever made the toys was creative enough to mingle Planet of the Apes with Flash Gordon. However, all of the toys are cheap as chips. The action figures are so hollow it’s upsetting but I do love these inflatables. I have no idea what a kid was supposed to do with these but I would have bought them. Truth be told, I want to make some for Toy-Ventures magazine.

Bootleg Bionic Man Pencil box from Korea

Bootleg Six Million Dollar Man Pencil Box from Korea (eBay Link)

I’m not entirely sure if this a bootleg but I figure maybe considering it’s Asia where things get a little loose? That drawing of Lee Majors is all I can see anymore. Seriously, I can’t sleep….help me.



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5 Awesome Things on eBay this week


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  • TRA on April 7, 2023

    Bwa ha ha!
    What the heck is the shiny, ROBOT + plane guy?
    ” …It’s TIME for the adventures of: ROBOT TURKEY MAN!”
    Hee, hee, hee! 😀

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