1978 Remco Toys Catalog- Energized Spider-Man – Utility Belts –

1978 Remco Toys Catalog- Energized Spider-Man – Utility Belts –



    • 1978 Remco Toys Catalog

In 1978, Remco, a division of Azrak Hamway International, figured out a way to get in on the Superhero action figure business long-held onto by their rivals at Mego. That would prove to be the centerpiece of the 1978 Remco Toys Catalog.

Energized Spiderman was more statue than action figure (most likely due to licensing restrictions) but he was a giant hit in 1978 and the line was greatly expanded in the following year.

The rest of the lineup was strongly superhero-based, even Mickey Mouse looks like he can kick some ass, the sole girl’s offering this year is Jeannie, who also had magical powers.


Energized Spider-Man was a really big coup for Remco/AHI, it allowed them to get into the Superhero action figure market, even though technically he’s an inaction figure.

1978 Remco Catalog Energized Green Goblin

“Spider-Man’s Worst Enemy” could go either way really, I always liked Energized Green Goblin, such a nice addition. The Spider-Copter is one for the gallery of toys that don’t make sense.

Remco Toys Catalog 1978- Spidercopter

As I was saying, more Spider-Man Helicopter lunacy, it didn’t matter when you’re eight but now it’s just plain strange.

Remco 1978 Catalog Phaser

Batman and Spiderman were all about ray pistols, that Phaser is freaking sweet, however.

Remco 1978 Catalog Batcopter
The Batcopter and Enterprise make so much sense and are such desirable toys..

Remco 1978 Catalog Wonder Woman Utility Belts

Wonder Woman was a popular set when I was a kid, the Batman and Star Trek sets were must have and I even accept the Spider-Man set seeing as he did carry-around stuff but Mickey Mouse? What did he need in his utility belt, tissues?.

Remco 1978 Toy Catalog - System 7

System 7 I know almost nothing about but that Batman Trik Trak harkens back to the days of the ’66 Bat Merchandising Hey Day..

Boring Toy History lesson: The “I Dream of Jeannie” license was also considered by Mego who made some neat-o design drawings before abandoning the concept.

Remco 1978 Catalog

Remco Mickey Mouse Power Ranch
Remco Mickey Mouse Power Ranch, this actually got made.

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  • Manny on September 9, 2021

    I had that Mickey Mouse Power Ranch set as a kid. I loved running my fingers across the cogs and chewing on the bales of hay. What can I say, I was like 5.

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