1969 Remco Star Trek Catalog

1969 Remco Star Trek Catalog

1969 Remco Star Trek CatalogThe 1969 Remco Star Trek Catalog is a deceptive title. We chose to focus on the weird “label slap” Star Trek toys made by Remco but you’ll also notice other properties such as “Land of the Giants”, “Lost in Space” and “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” as well.

1969 Remco Star Trek Catalog

Remco sold licensed kites right up to their demise in the early 1970s.



1969 Remco Star Trek Catalog

The Land of the Giants Space Sled is actually Gerry Anderson’s Super Car with a new logo slapped on it. These Star Trek sets are also repurposed from the Horrible Hamilton line of toys. You didn’t miss an episode of Star Trek that had helicopters and army men. I want all of these sets BTW. I think they’re amazing.


1969 Remco Star Trek Catalog

The Star Trek Helmet and the pistol is another “Horrible Hamilton” just branded with Star Trek. Remco was known for being a little bit lazy with certain licenses.



1969 Remco Star Trek Catalog

Even though the series was cancelled in 1968, Remco was still offering the Lost in Space Robot. It was likely still a popular seller. It is an amazing toy.


1969 Remco Star Trek Catalog

So I want to know the difference between the Star Trek Buzz Ray gun and the Land of the Giants Signal Ray Space Gun. L’il Help?


1969 Remco Star Trek Catalog

The Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea toy line is remarkably screen accurate and something I secretly covet. Also, that Gentle Ben swamp buggy contains the world’s first Clint Howard action figure but fortunately, not its last.


1969 Remco Star Trek Catalog

Because of when you think of Star Trek, you think of model planes!


1969 Remco Star Trek Catalog

The Land of the Giants Space Ship Control Panel is not only a bit lazy, it’s weird they didn’t bother to mention it’s called the Spindrift.


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  • DON CHISHOLM on March 16, 2022

    Neat! And just two years later they’d be purchased by A-H; makers of the Spock Helmet. Which is WAY cooler than the Astro Helmet, AND has the added bonus of being Trek cannon now.

    Say; wasn’t Remco making motorized, simple model kits at this time too?

    Don C.

    • Mantooth on March 24, 2022

      AHI didn’t make that helmet, I forget who did but it wasn’t a big name.

  • Jeff Wright on March 20, 2022

    Anyone have pix of the Seaview toy?

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