Corgi Spiderbuggy & Green Goblin

I thought I’d devote today to my favourite diecast vehicle of my youth. A piece of Spider-Man merchandise that makes absolutely no sense but to my nine year old brain just felt oh so right, the super awesome Spiderbuggy with Green Goblin! More after the jump! I read a mountain of Spider-Man comics as a […]

Super Shirts!

OK, even though this is 1977 there are a few of these I would wear now especially Frankenstein and that weirdly smug Captain America.

Mighty Crusaders Rack Toys

I’m excited to have finally tracked down the 1985 Remco/AHI catalog which finally showcases the fine Rack Toys that were offered for the Archie Comics Superhero characters under “The Mighty Crusaders” brand. My major obsession with these is that they’re all re-purposed from mid 1970s AHI Rack Toy merchandise for Batman and Spider-Man. I also […]

The first Spider-Man

Found this great photo in an old issue of FOOM (which I didn’t know I owned) from left to right that’s Stan Lee, Marie Severin, “Jazzy” John Romita and Roy Thomas wearing what has to be the first Spider-Man appearance suit ever. It’s Ditko influence is joyous. And Remember I’m still looking for your photos […]

Super Babies!

The Amsco Super Babies never warmed to me as a superhero loving kindergartener, I was well into Mego action figures by this point and Shazam’s inaccurate red hair bugged me even then. As an adult, I think they’re one of the most charming bits of 70s Superhero merch.  I’m pleased top announce that things have almost […]

Mego 12 Inch Superheroes

As I prepare for this week’s Mego Meet Toy Show this weekend, I thought it would be cool to showcase this awesome catalog from the United Kingdom. Pedigree Toys began distributed the Mego Toy Lines in the late 1970s and did a knock out job with the 12″ Superheroes, more pages after the jump! I […]

Amsco Marvel World

The Amsco Marvel World Playset is one of the most wonderful pieces of Superhero merch from the 1970s. An expensive collectible now, I think the major reason for it’s appeal is it was comic accurate in an era when it has no business being so. Seriously, Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum?