Marvel Water Pistols

 I expect to see Spider-Man and Cap, bonus points for Sgt Fury despite it being a German pistol but Kid Colt Outlaw? That has to be one of his only pieces of merchandise ever. I don’t remember him packing a Saturday night special but whatevs… Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

What every hero needs

Any good hero has a flash light in their utility belt and fortunately for toy makers children never stop being fascinated with them. Crap, I still annoy my wife with one. Get our new book “Rack Toys” at our shop!

Santa Putty

Ever wonder what makes Santa tick? Wonder no more, rip ol’ Saint Nick apart and spend hours playing with his magical (possibly delicious but definitely non toxic, so dig in!) guts.

Well, he is a scientist….

Not sure how many codes Spider-Man has to break in every issue or how exciting that would to read but Gordy seemed to have to get very creative with the Spider-Man license. By the time they got in the game they were sharing the webslinger with AHI, Fleetwood, Durham and Nasta.   Check out our […]

Heroic Flash Lights

Superheroes and flash lights are a cocktail that Rack Toy manufacturers know how to make. Although I really don’t think the Duke Boys count as “Superheroes”…

Gordy Toys wants you to play with “Hulk Putty”

Another player in the world of Rack Toys was Henry Gordy International, who specialized in somewhat generic impulse items with licensed appearance. Among their staples is my new favourite thing mostly because I’m immature: The “Ball Blaster” would indeed be an effective crime deterrent even Lex Luthor himself would think twice.The primary licenses used here […]