Toy-Ventures: A Toy Tribute to Marty Krofft

Toy-Ventures pays tribute to TV legend Marty Krofft with a look at some of his most excellent toys featuring Sleestaks, Wonderbug & Bigfoot and Wildboy! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here. #toyventures #krofft #sleestak Lincoln Monsters Return from the Crypt in our latest Collaboration with Absolutely Retro and White Elephant Toz.   Join our weekly […]

Krofft Week: Wonderbug!

Aw yeah, Wonderbug is definitely in my top five Krofft shows, basically a live action speed buggy with a little Shazam! sprinkled in for good measure, what’s not to love. Above is the Wonderbug toy cars made by Duncan (the yo-yo people). Here’s a whole display of them. I really need to track down one […]

Wonderful Wonderbug

Steve F sent in this killer scan from a Duncan Catalog that featured something I’ve never seen before, a toy car based on the Sid and Marty Krofft series Wonderbug! Wonderbug was a segment on the Krofft Supershow and I doubt I missed an episode. I have no idea if these hit stores, I’ve never […]

Colouring Book Theatre: Krofft Supershow Wonderbug

Turning over the reins to Sharry again this week (as I still can’t find that Superman Coloring Book) and she’s got a doozy based on the Krofft Supershow it’s WonderBug but it also has an intro by the long forgotten Kaptain Kool and the Kongs.Whitman also handled the Krofft Supershow comic (which had Bigfoot and […]