New Video: Tomland Famous Monster of Legend

Very happy to showcase my latest video collaboration with Jason Lenzi, this month we tackle one of my passions, Monster action figures in the most appropriate month to do so. The Tomland Famous Monsters of Legend are one of the rarest sets of monster toys in the world and in this volume we try to […]

Gimme a Diablo Sammich and a Doctor Pepper to Go

Occasionally when I’m trolling through my smelly books (Catalogs always smell “Basementy”) I find something I’ve never seen before. Case in point this “Smokey and the Bandit 2” play set by ERTL. I had no idea that such a thing existed and ERTL used such attention to detail that included the (IMO Movie Ruining) Elephant. […]

Am I Normal?

I was shown this sex ed film in grade nine, thanks to the magic of the youtube, I can now relive it. Made in the late seventies and looking it, I even remember my gym teacher laughing. I couldn’t believe how much of this I remembered twenty three years later. Boys have baseball bats, girls […]