Toy-Ventures: Toy Show Hunt

Toy-Ventures takes you on another journey, this time it’s a quest for Knock-Off action figures. We hit a toy show and an antique mall in search of treasure. I share what I find and what I saw in this week’s installment. Knock Offs is our next book, join our facebook page: We’ve got a new […]

Canadas Greatest Toy Show and Sale

I had the pleasure of visiting the toy show that started it all for me today. The CTS show was the first I ever attended (probably when it was in it’s 15th year and I in my 16th) and i’m happy to say it’s going strong. The joy of this show is that it’s an old […]

Vintage Toys I saw this weekend

This past Sunday I set up at Burlington Toy Show, mostly to hang out with friends and eat food that’s not good for me but also to hopefully earn some money for next week’s Mego Meet toy show. It was hard being good but I took photos instead of buying, above is easily the rarest toy […]

Mera shreds it

I remarked last week about how impressed I was that Sea World included Aquaman’s bride  into their show. Here is a great shot of her showing off her water skiing skills, which makes total sense. Speaking of appearances: I’ll be setting up next weekend at Canadian Toycon in Burlington. Special guests include Casper Van Dien […]

Rack Toy Memories Contest

The month of Halloween combined with getting the book to press has really done a number on me creatively. So, instead of a catalog update this Friday,  I’m just going to run a contest and lay down on this love seat for a while.  It’s a fun one and anybody can join, so check it […]

Big Announcement Sunday

It’s finally time to reveal what I’ve been planning for three years and that is, I’m writing a book! The project is called “Rack Toys” and it’s essentially a love letter to what I feel is a very under served area of toy collecting. More after the jump: I’m finally far enough into this that […]

More stuff I saw at a toyshow

Went in early to the Spring Canadian Toy collectors show on Saturday and snapped a few shots of what’s waiting for folks tomorrow in Toronto. This by no means represents this metric ton of cool stuff there, just some of the more oddball things that caught my eye. Fonzie Pencil case with it’s creepy caricature almost […]