The Old West by Gabriel

In 2013, we got a pretty disappointing Lone Ranger movie, just like we did in 1981. In 1981, we got a killer action figure line for that Lone Ranger movie that was so good, most kids loved them anyway. Advantage 1981…. Gabriel Legend of the Lone Ranger Catalog.

Doctor Who Trading Card

Card #24 is the Densy Fisher Doctor Who line, it may seem weird to do a Mego line here considering the Megomuseum cards but I’m not sure when we’re ever going to get around to this line and me being a monster fan, just had to do it. I consider it a foreign mego subset. […]

OK, I’m a New Guy Now!

Accurate toy guns are pretty much a thing of the past now but there was nothing I wanted more when I was 7 than one of those M-16 replicas that made a firing sound (kind of clacker on the inside) . It must have been the popularity of SWAT that influenced my decision. I had […]