Toy-Ventures: 1982 Toy Parade!

  Toy-Ventures: 1982 Toy Parade! It’s time for another blast from the past vintage toy catalogue. The year is 1982, and the toy offerings of Canadian Tire stores. Monsters, Annie, Atari, Space Lego and Smurfs!     Join our weekly newsletter. The Super Collector Newsletter combines all the news from Mego Museum and Plaid Stallions […]

Toy-Ventures Issue 11 is on the press

It is with cathartic pleasure that I announce that issue 11 of Toy-Ventures is at the press stage, I’m reviewing the first round draft right now. While it is late, I prefer to think of it as “slow cooked,” and I feel it’s some of the best stuff we’ve ever put out. Tonka’s Steel Monsters […]

Tonka Winnebago

  I never had this as a kid but because of “Shazam!”, I totally wanted it. Also, I required a Mego Shazam figure to pull this off right.    My current retirement dream is to own a real one and you’d better believe I’m putting that lightning bolt on the front. Get the expanded digital […]

Vintage Toy Store Pictures Part Ten

I cannot think of a better update for our fifth anniversary other than doing another vintage toy store update. When I set out to create  the original vintage toy store gallery for the site, I never imagined I’d get to part 2 let alone roman numeral X!  Being a toy nerd this is my favourite section […]