Wacky Pack Wear

  I was happy to discover this sweater in the 1974 Simpsons-Sears catalogue. As a child of the 1970s, Topps “Wacky Packages” were all over my childhood bedroom. I’d never seen this shirt before based on the “Hungy Jerk” sticker from series 3 (see bloew).       Join our weekly newsletter. The Super Collector […]

Come Sail Away…..

If your perfect evening includes hours of Macrame followed by a warm cup of chicory, then this my friend, is the garment for you. First 50 callers get a free Leo Sayer album…

The Wrap

The sweater suggests “I have a sensitive side” but the shirtlessness boldly states “but don’t expect me to cry or some crap”.

Christmas is…..Soft Knits

And don’t you *&%^ing forget it! Nothing in this life, did I loathe more than that prerequisite itchy V neck sweater from an Aunt and Uncle. I have never been more honest in saying “You shouldn’t have”…

Sweater buddies

Royce never left the house without Dougy on account of him being all shy of girls and stuff. Sadly, Royce would soon learn that the majority of Dougy’s “conquests” would be works of fiction.

Mr Relaxo

This guy is the spitting image of an uncle that hung around for a few years until he got replaced. He’s kinda rocking the look.

The Return of Sweater Hell

It seems even the dress alike twins can’t contain their dislike for the “Aztec” sweater, talk about people in glass houses!Is it just me or does the Aztec sweater remind anyone else of Ozymandias from the Watchmen?