Freedom Force Binoculars

Aw yeah, another stellar find in my quest to find any merchandise from the Filmation “Tarzan and the Super 7” series. This time it’s binoculars that I can honestly say were never mentioned or used on the show in any way. Such is the beauty of Rack Toys… This was another situation where the seller […]

Another Super 7 score

Readers of this fine blog and my long suffering friends may know of my life long obsession with Filmation’s “Tarzan and the Super 7” TV series and my quest to find any merchandise surrounding it. I’m elated to post my latest haul, the tool set a completely nonsensical item from Imperial Toy that features team […]

Super 7 Find

  This “Manta and Moray” watch is my first find of merchandise from childhood favourite show “Tarzan and the Super 7”. Somebody actually offered this for sale at the Megomuseum forums where I’m known to be, so it was rather serendipitous It’s pretty well documented that DC comics felt Manta was a little too close […]

Super 7 goes retro with Alien

I rarely post SDCC news here (mostly because it’s about stuff I don’t collect) but this announcement from Super 7 is so huge it can’t be ignored. Super 7 has the Alien license which is not really earth shattering in of itself but it’s the fact that they’re going retro with it that’s so exciting, what […]

Super 7 Merchandise Part 2

My obsession with Filmation’s short lived (and sadly “damned to never be on DVD”) series “Tarzan and the Super 7” continues with the only known merchandise, all of it lower cost rack toys. Above we have Bubb-a-loons featuring Web Woman (a boyhood crush), Manta and Moray and The Freedom Force (one of the cooler superhero […]

The Super 7!

I was looking through this cool puffy stickers catalog (which I am going to get to in the fall) and my I found this killer box for the Filmation Super 7 Stickers. It’s very rare to find any merchandise for these characters. I remember a kid in my class having these and me being very […]