The PlaidStallions Sleestak Contest

Let’s have our first contest of the Year, shall we?  A couple of months ago, I made a bunch of these kitchen magnets made featuring some art I did called the Gentleman Sleestak.  There really wasn’t a plan in motion but I knew they’d make a fun contest prize. So, I’m giving away five of […]

Choice Board Games of 1976

I’m not sure what your favourites were but I had a mean love affair with playing Hangman and staring at the Sleestak on the “Land of the Lost” board….. Like our Facebook Page Check out our Instagram Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

Land of the Lost Sound ‘N Action Scenes

Here are the Land of the Lost action figures you never got. Buried in the pages of the 1976 LJN catalog, these “Sound N Action” figures are very similiar to the Mattel Heroes in Action (of which LJN was knocking off that year) in that the figures are attached to a base. As cool and mindblowing […]