10 Awesome things on eBay this week

Fantastic Four Water Pistol (eBay Link) — France’s Pin Pin Toys carried a ton of products from Mego and AHI but also made their own products like this pretty non-descript water gun. The Fantastic Four are huge in France and well, that seems totally deserved.        Spider-Man Sticker Book from France (eBay Link) […]

Slumber Fun!

I love that this page from 1982 still has some of the more solid 70s designs like that DC comics Super heroines design with the more trendy characters like Pac-Man and the Dukes.  Wish I could collect these but they are space killers!

Raggedy Nightmares

What child wouldn’t enjoy sleeping in the eviscerated corpse of a beloved icon?  Better yet crawl deep down and pretend that Andy is pregnant…with you! I want to point out this is eight years before “The Empire Strikes Back”….

More Sleeping Bag Goodness

More reminders of my now long gone sleeping bag collection, that supergals one was possibly my favourite of all time, it doesn’t hurt that much of it looks like a giant Mego actionf figure package but how often do you see Wondergirl on merchandising?

Super Selection of Sleeping Bags

I used to collect Sleeping bags, talk about a space killer. This spread has me wondering though, what kid wanted the McDonalds characters over say Spider-Man and Hulk or the cool robots from the Black Hole? I can’t imagine unrolling a McDonaldland sleeping bag at Richard Huer’s sleep over back in the day. I think […]