Toy-Ventures: The Legacy of ROM: Space Knight

After a lifetime of wanting one, I finally tracked down a Parker Brothers ROM Space Knight Toy. How could a character that sold millions of comic books flop? We’ll get into that in the latest episode. #ROM #toyventures #plaidstallions Interview with Lawrence McCoy for reference. Toy-Ventures is our magazine; we’re an independent publisher trying […]

Pod Stallions 45 : The Monkees

We’re thrilled to be back recording PodStallions after some truly turbulent times. Today’s show is all about our mutual love for the Monkee’s, although neither of us were alive for the show’s original run we were both hooked on reruns and records during the middle 1970s. We kick off the show playing catch up and […]

SDCC: Toynami Shogun Warriors

While I don’t dabble in new toys much, I’d say that it would be irresponsible of me not to discuss this one. As I mentioned earlier in the week on the PS facebook page, Toynami has set up at this week’s San Diego Comic Con (perhaps you’ve heard of it) with revamped versions of the […]

Super 7 goes retro with Alien

I rarely post SDCC news here (mostly because it’s about stuff I don’t collect) but this announcement from Super 7 is so huge it can’t be ignored. Super 7 has the Alien license which is not really earth shattering in of itself but it’s the fact that they’re going retro with it that’s so exciting, what […]