Pod Stallions 60: The Martian Chronicles

We’re back with an all new show! This month’s episode is devoted to Ray Bradbury’s “The Martian Chronicles”, not the book so mentioned (although it is mentioned) but the epic three evening NBC mini series from 1980 starring Rock Hudson! Topics include childhood fears, TV Spider-Man, cheap-o Rack Toys, Arthur C Clarke, Starlog, poster collecting, […]

Pod Stallions Episode 30: Model Kits

This month sees us discussing the days of slapping paint everywhere and getting a l’il high off glue. Model kits has us discussing Aurora, Addar, MPC, fundimensions and many other kit manufacturers long gone. Subjects include Sweathogs, the Fonz, Planet of the Apes, Jaws, Doctor Who, Gerry Anderson, Universal Monsters, Dark Shadows, Star Trek and […]

Cylons that don’t look good in a dress

Although Battlestar Galactica is a hit show nowadays, the series that had the better toys was the original. So take a journey back to when Cylons were men in suits, and Starbuk was a dude to the cool toys that got made and the cooler ones that didn’t.

Spaaaace Hookers!

Bidee-Biddee-Bideee How much for a Rusty Trombone? I bought a lingerie catalog from the 70’s, that’s right I touched a used Lingerie catalog, I don’t feel well.