I had the remote control R2D2 as a kid, it stopped walking pretty quickly but it was still good to use with the 12″ dolls so I was content, also it still made it’s beeping noise much to mother’s chagrin. She once threatened to throw it out of the station wagon! We have a PodCast! […]

Super Toe Football Commercial

Here is another recently converted reel from my commercial collection. Schaper Super Toe football starring Mongo himself, Alex Karras. (Link to commercial on Youtube) We featured the Super Toe line a while back on the site, the catalog link is below: These commercials will soon be available at our store (which is right here) along […]

Scenes from Toy Fair ’78 Part One

It was all about Space and science fiction at Toyfair ’78 and Zee Toys was way ahead of the curve with their groovy 3 3/4″ Metal Men figures, this display has me absolutely drooling. I have lazily collected Metal Men for over ten years, I think I have four figures… Tobor is Robot spelled backwards, that […]

Dawn of the Super Jocks

Schaper Toys had a real hit in their hands in 1975 when they released “Super Toe Football” the first of their “Super Jocks” line of toys. So by 1978, it should come as no surprise that they had expanded into other events such as Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and Hockey. The President of Schaper introduces Super […]