Scenes from Toyfair 78 Part Two

The Fisher Price Sky Surfer was a rare dud for the Adventure People, it was recalled that year for being defective. A teeny tiny glimpse of the amazing onslaught Kenner had prepared to meet ravenous Star Wars demand in 1978. You can kind of see a whole mess of 12 back figures back there, excuse […]

Scenes from Toy Fair ’78 Part One

It was all about Space and science fiction at Toyfair ’78 and Zee Toys was way ahead of the curve with their groovy 3 3/4″ Metal Men figures, this display has me absolutely drooling. I have lazily collected Metal Men for over ten years, I think I have four figures… Tobor is Robot spelled backwards, that […]

Colorforms: Ready for the next 25 years

Toyfair 1978- Those “Space Warrior” sets are something that confused me a great deal as a kid, I wondered if those amazing action figures were inside the boxes or if they were available seperately. Sadly they were called “The Outer Space Men” released and cancelled well before I was born. Luckily, the lines creator Mel […]