Holly Hobby and Fonzie Radios by Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair made some unique licensed radios and turntables in the 70s. I particularly love the wrist radio (used for things like James Bond and Space: 1999) for Holly Hobby is surreal. However, it is all redeemed by the Fonzie jukebox, which functions as a prop for your Mego figures.         The […]

Superhero AM Radios

What was your AM Radio as a kid? Mine was “Little Sprout” from the “Green Giant” commercials, I assume my mother won it. It was pretty cool but my older sibling had an FM radio in her room, so i mainly just kept my door open so I could hear Black Sabbath.   New Six Million […]

Bike Radio Decisions

Bee Gees or Battlestar Galactica? Ooooooooh i can’t decide, why must life be so hard? We have a PodCast! It’s fun, please listen. Check out our Instagram for more stuff like this blog. Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

Space:1999 Wrist Radio

There is something so satisfying about a low tech item being sold as something from the future. I’m sure the denizens of moon base Alpha kept the dial on 1050 for traffic and weather on the ones.

AM Radio Joy

    Sadly the “Disguise the AM Radio as other things” is mostly a forgotten art. Also vanishing is the “Give kids things with the budwesier logo on them” agenda. Judging by how much Bud I drank in my teens, mission accomplished.