Creators of Zorak

This fun little ad is the kind of stuff I love to find, meet Ed and Bonnie Fogarty inventors of 70s childhood friends like the Nerf Glider, Weebles Fun House and Double Trouble Big Jim and Zorak. This ad is from 1978 where they seem to have had a string of items produced, it would […]


Water damaged catalogs always make me sad but lucky for me I salvaged this great pic of a Nerf store display. Come to me Nerf Man, obey…..

1976 NERF Catalog

NERF stands for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam (thanks wikipedia!) and was first introduced to households in 1969 as the the first indoor ball, With it’s success, saw many other application for this fun and safe material. 40 years after it’s introduction, NERF is still widely available which is a testament to how timeless an idea it […]

Nerfman Trading Card

Trading Card #25 is Nerfman by Parker Brothers, he’s kind of forgotten now but this guy ruled, so I really wanted to honour him a bit. As an added nostalgic bonus, Nerfman is from the first toy dealer catalog I ever found because it came from my dad. Time for another great link in the […]


It sounds rather odd that after 3 years of blogging about 1970’s toys, I’ve never once mentioned Nerf products of any kind. It seems odd considering how cool I think this stuff is, especially the safe missiles…. I have a toy collector friend, who has one of those collections I can only dream of. When […]