Halloween Costumes: Best Selection in Town!

Love, love, love this ad from ’79, all the faves are here, Mork, Remco KISS your face, Imagineering’s “The Face” but the big standout on this piece would be the “Incredible Melting Man” makeup kit by Imagineering. Based on the movie of the same name (which is also a great episode of Mystery Science Theatre […]

Vintage Commercial Friday

I’ve uploaded a couple of commercials from volume 2 of our DVD “70s Toy Explosion“(thanks so much to everybody who ordered BTW) and thought it’d be cool to share them today. It’s fun aaaaand so much less time consuming than scanning an actual catalogue. This commercial for the Barbie Star Traveller is of interest of […]

The Ork Look

Seriously, in 1978 JC Penney was encouraging young woman to dress like Mork, it’s right in the ad copy! Attempts to revive this concept in 1990 with the “Get all Urkeled up!” campaign failed miserably thankfully…….

Nanu Nanu!

Oh how I wanted this Mork from Ork Eggship when it first came out, I love how mattel cleverly reused the Battlestar Galactica body for ol’ Mork. At the same time you could buy Mork gum in a similiar eggship, it only cost $0.50 and placated me.On a side note, I’m attempting to create a […]