Do it yourself Bionic Men

My model kit building skills were super weak when these came out so i never had the pleasure of painting Steve Austin beating up an outlaw biker. Like our Facebook Page Check out our Instagram Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

UFO Eagle

Presenting the coolest cross ever toy I’ve seen in a long time, normally I am immune to spaceship models (cause I suck at painting them) but this just broke my brain. More after the Jump: My love for Gerry Anderson’s UFO and Space:1999 could fill a warehouse and to find out IMAI of Japan added […]

I love Addar Planet of the Apes model kits!

For this Friday’s feature, I get kind of personal and explain my love for Planet of the Apes model kits and how they made me the (largely unemployable) man I am today. Join me after the jump! Recently, I spied a lot of Addar Planet of the Apes model kits on Hakes (shop there!). Finances weren’t […]