MPC Star Wars Story

MPC Star Wars models will always remind me of a funny story, well if you’re my dad, you wouldn’t laugh. You see in third grade, this cool kid named Andrew (that’s his real name, cause I doubt he’s a reader)  brought in his fully assembled C3-PO model and somehow, i became “salesman of the year” […]

Limited Edition Star Trek Medallion

 I had my Star Trek Medallion stolen during fifth grade swim class (back up ladies, I’m taken) and I know who did it. He ended up working at my gym in the mid 1990s, the sight of him every day would fill me with this weird anger combined with the feeling that it was super […]

Colouring Book Theatre: Dune Activity Book

DUNE: Puzzles, Games, Mazes and Activities This is my third pass (you can read parts one and two here) at Dune coloring books or as I like to call them, “Comedy Gold” .  The book promises you can “relive all excitement and adventure from the movie” but as we all know, crosswords and poorly thought out games rarely […]

Colouring Book Theatre: Happy Days

Happy Days Colouring and Activity Book Another colouring book I found rummaging through  Planet of the Stuff a couple of weeks ago. Like a lot of 70s kids, I non-ironically stood in a mirror going “Ayyyyy!” and begged my parents for a leather jacket. I loved Happy Days, had a Mego Fonize doll and even bought […]


I’m not much of a jogger (it ain’t a pretty sight) but should I ever get the urge, a mustard yellow track suit will be my choice of uniform. Not only does it give me an Omega Man vibe but it also will hide the vomit stains that are sadly, pretty much a given…


From the “i’ve seen it all now” department.  While Carnival toys gets a l’il gold star for giving Spidey a bugle (think about it), the idea of the Incredible Hulk standing in the desert giving his rendition of “songbird” makes his utility belt and motorcycle seem legit in comparison.

Welcome to the compound

“I’m Adelle and this is Steven, we’ll show you to your bunks. At 9am, we’ll begin our worship hour followed by nine hours in the fields. Remember, Almighty Kevin is love.”

Spider-Man busts a cap

Whalloping websnappers, ol’ Doc Ock is in for rough time tonight. It’s amazing to think that artwork of Spider-Man brandishing a fire arm was approved by somebody at Marvel. I wonder what wouldn’t pass? Spidey leaving a liquor store with a rosie in a skirt? No problem! The Spider-Man smoking kit? Why not?

Christmas is…..Soft Knits

And don’t you *&%^ing forget it! Nothing in this life, did I loathe more than that prerequisite itchy V neck sweater from an Aunt and Uncle. I have never been more honest in saying “You shouldn’t have”…