Toy-Ventures: Fisher Price Adventure People Score!

Toy-Ventures┬áset up at Ajax Collector Con this past weekend, and not only did I saw some fantastic vintage toys, but went home with something amazing. You won’t want to miss this if you’re a ’70s Fisher Price Adventure People fan.   #toyventures #toyshow #actionfigures   Join our weekly newsletter. The Super Collector Newsletter combines all […]

Lego Police!

The Police Headquarters was not only my first Lego set but the toy designated to stay at my Grandmother’s house for when i visited. I had a million fun hours with that thing and even though my kids look at the blank faced figures like they’re caveman tools, so did they.

Pod Stallions Episode 30: Model Kits

This month sees us discussing the days of slapping paint everywhere and getting a l’il high off glue. Model kits has us discussing Aurora, Addar, MPC, fundimensions and many other kit manufacturers long gone. Subjects include Sweathogs, the Fonz, Planet of the Apes, Jaws, Doctor Who, Gerry Anderson, Universal Monsters, Dark Shadows, Star Trek and […]

Toys & Games by Variety Product Sales

I had an epic day last Wednesday, what I thought would be a boring trip to a storage unit turned out to be an amazing discovery! When I found the records and remnants of my father’s 1970s toy distribution business including these funky signs he used to use. I have been looking for one of […]

Shogun Warriors Under the Tree

Got a great couple of vintage images this week from Dan Brackett, who here is opening up his Shogun Warriors Mazinga (man that box looks sweet) and behind him is a Bat-Away set. Dan says he managed to replace the Bat-Away on Ebay for under $10 but no such luck on Mazinga… Want to see […]

Al’s toy memories

I’ve been wanting to start a gallery of people’s childhood toy pictures but never really got around to it, then artist Al Bigley gave me a big jumpstart with these great examples from his family album. Above Al is shown with an APC Superman canister puzzle, I had an Apes one like that as a […]