Remco McDonaldland Characters

This 1976 Toy Trade ad for Remco’s McDonaldland characters seems a little odd to me. While I was fond of the McDonald’s commercials and had many birthdays at my local franchise, I clearly remember not understanding why there were action figures. Well made action figures at that. However, some folks on the forums have told […]

The 1977 REMCO Toys Catalog

Remco’s name was purchased in 1974 by Azrak Hamway, a successful manufacturer of rack toys. AHI used the Remco brand to sell a more upscale toy but one that still utilized the many licenses integral to their core business. 1977 saw the introduction of Mickey Mouse to the fold and more Superhero (especially Batman) related […]

1976 Remco Toys Catalog

Remco was a division of Azrak Hamway and while AHI made more of the dimestore “Impulse’ items, the Remco brand was used to promote toys of a higher quality. In 1976, the company attempted to infiltrate the action figure category (the McDonalds characters), Games (Magic Hat) along with their usual children’s role play items such […]