Spider-Man’s great adventure

Shawn is my superhero this month for submitting this month’s first Superhero appearance photo. Here he is mid 1970s at Great adventure with Spidey, more from Shawn next week. Send me your mall appearance photos!


Ben broke my month long drought of Superhero Mall Appearance Pictures with this terrific picture of him with Spider-man at Cavalier Square Shopping Center in Hopewell, VA. He notes this is probably 1978-1979. Note the cameo by Jerry Lewis. As you can see, Ben chose his attire wisely by wearing a shirt that I wished I’d […]

A Stereo Shop Far, Far Away

Francis sent in a pair of awesome Star Wars appearance shots this week, I’ll start with this awesome Chewbacca and let him explain. I thought you might enjoy these pics from 1978. Back story: It was announced (I think in a newspaper ad) that Darth Vader and Chewbacca were both making an appearance at a […]

Batman with Robin: live and in person!

One of my favourites from my burgeoning collection of such things. Do you think if I write my address and tomorrow’s date on this in magic marker, that they’ll show up and spend the day with me? Send me your mall appearance photos!

Best Wishes from Batman and Wonder Woman

click for a larger version My pal Scott hooked me up with this incredible “autographed” promotional photo of Sea World Batman and Wonder Woman, I now owe him a coke. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this particular image and while wall space is limited in the lair, this one is getting framed. Send me […]

Face palm of the Force

One of the contestants in out Toy Denial competition Chris B also provided me with not only a mall appearance photo but a pretty funny story as well: “Do you remember / did you have a Yellow Front in your neighborhood?  Ours was in Thornton, Colorado, and I still vividly remember my father driving me there […]

Meanwhile….at Sea World

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Mall Appearance submission (l’il help?) so I was happy to find this image of the Justice League of Sea World in my stacks. I never got to see this for myself, so I love getting images like this. I’ll never get over the inclusion of Mera into […]

Nikita and Spidey BBFs!

Nikita sent in this cool image of her and her folks meeting Spider-Man,  It was taken on the Wildwood, NJ boardwalk in 1979. She wants us to note her dad’s manly beard and mustache. I have a beard too but his totally beats mine.. I’ve never seen a Spidey quite like this one before, I wonder what […]